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Photography has become a renewed passion over the last several years.  I love so many aspects of photography, from soaring raptors, faces captured in gorgeous light, incredible natural scenes around our Boulder home, and a special love for flowers that I inherited from my mom. It has been a joy developing this online photo show. I not only am able to bring very talented photographers and their creative images out into the world, but in doing so, I can give back to our planet and those that live here. 

Roy Kimhi

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Roy Kimhi was born in 1991 in a small town called Rehovot in the center of Israel. Kimhi has always been passionate about the oceans and at the age of 15 he made his first trip along the beautiful coasts of Sinai Peninsula, the Red Sea. It was there that Kimhi made his first journey into the underwater world, in this case simply snorkeling, and discovered his calling. On that date he made a decision to commit his life to becoming a scuba diver and further discovering the aquatic world. At the age of 16 Kimhi completed his Open Water course in Eilat, the Red Sea. 

He soon discovered the world of underwater photography and videography as he began to shoot underwater. A few years later, Kimhi made the decision to become a diving instructor and to pursue shooting underwater professionally. Kimhi has extensive experience as an underwater photographer, having had the privilege of shooting in the Maldives Islands, Similan Islands, Thailand, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Cocos Island in Costa Rica, the underwater caves of the Cenotes in Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. 

His marine conservation work started at the beginning of 2014 when he started a shark conservation campaign called “Jaws Generation.” He is currently filming a documentary about the story that stands behind the shark finning industry in Costa Rica, and recently went on an expedition to Cuba to cover the last virgin spot in the Caribbean Sea. 

His current project, “Ocean Speakers,” is documentary that will take the audience on a journey from the Pacific coasts of Costa Rica, through the underwater caves of Mexico all the way to the Cristal clear Caribbean waters of Cuba. The film's goal is to inspire action, build an understanding about marine global issues and provide simple solutions about a better blue future. Kimhi is a SeaMagine "DeepSee" submersible pilot, working with Undersea Hunter Group on Coco's Island, Costa Rica. He is also the founder and photographer of “Wet & Dry Photographs” project. He is an ocean enthusiast and a marine conservation media activist. 

Lee Sie

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Our world is a symphonic arrangement of sights, sounds, and color. Both manmade and natural components of our beautiful world influence each other, much as acoustics in a concert hall affect the quality of ones experience. Lee's work presents iconic images, captured just as the dominant chromatic theme was at its crescendo. Artificial and natural environments serve as accompaniment to each composition acting as the rhythm section, giving form and support.  But the colors play the leading role: the yellow of sunrise or the pink and purple hues of sunset become concerto scenes through which primary colors carry the melody and dominate the mood. Notice the dominant colors here and in the world around you. By purchasing my photo I will donate all profits to the two non-profit organizations we are supporting.

Ron Wooten

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As a field biologist in the marshes and offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Ron Wooten started taking photos in the field to show his family the beauty he was seeing so that they could share his adventures.  He later felt a calling to share these imags with others, especially in seeing the degradation human activities were causing in the marine and estuarine environments. Ron also started writing for a local magazine serving the Upper Texas Coast, and had his work in a gallery in Galveston, Texas.  He received national recognition for aerial images of dolphins swimming through the BP oil spill, and received awards for his photos and writing from the Texas Outdoor Writers Association. His photos have been featured on National Geographic TV website and the cover of National Geographic DVD, "Diver Down".  According to Ron, "I've learned that through the lens I'm able to give a voice to the voiceless, and will continue to do everything I can to shed light on the plight of the coastal creatures and their habitats that results from the onslaught of human activities". Ron currently works as a Natural Resource Specialist with a governmental agency. Ron shares his adventures with his wife Trisha and their two grown daughters, Allison and Emily from their home in Jamaica Beach, Texas.